No Turkey Day Tights – A Public Service Announcement

Hi. I’m just here to remind everyone of some save-yourself fashion tips for tomorrow. I find this especially timely, as it is fall, and boots and leggings/tights are in. I myself have become a slave to this very chic and simultaneously comfortable trend. That said, I urge everyone to stay away from leggings/tights tomorrow. Traditions … Continue reading No Turkey Day Tights – A Public Service Announcement

admit it.

Okay, okay. I will admit it because this is anonymous and exactly the reason I started this blog in the first place – to admit things that I couldn’t even admit to myself. Remember that persian girl that I was lucky to meet when I was younger? Well, the poor thing went through a serious … Continue reading admit it.

thoughts on stupid math and its mathy mathness, among other things

I used to love math. But I always got lucky and had really great teachers. I think for the non-genius, math can only be learned with a good teacher. It’s so very important. In college, stats is mandatory for practically any major. In my college, they overbooked the classes each year, and if you don’t … Continue reading thoughts on stupid math and its mathy mathness, among other things

Ted’s got a point…

I’ve included TED on my blogroll because it’s an interesting place to go on the net when I’m looking to zone out. During a recent zone out, I stumbled upon this short video. I am disappointingly ignorant about Islam. True, I am an agnostic Muslim (a phrase similar to what I heard in this video … Continue reading Ted’s got a point…

The Little Movies in my Head

I’ve always been fascinated by dreams. Actually what I’ve always been fascinated with is their interpretations and how, regardless of where we come from, what our background is and what experiences we’ve had, many elements in our dreams can be interpreted the same. The brain and consciousness is an amazing thing.

For the past week, I’ve been dreaming a great deal. Well, you always dream apparantly, so what I guess I mean is that I’ve actually been remembering them.

My mom likes to interpret dreams as a hobby. She is in fact very intuitive, one characteristic of hers that I am proud to share. But really just the one. Needless to say, I have NEVER brought up my dreams to her, particularly when I was younger. Even if they freaked me out. But I digress.

I’ve been under an immense amount of pressure at work lately. I starter working at a small company at the end of 2008. I run pretty much everything internally for a mile a minute owner – managing the office, all the marketing, HR, IT, oversee accounting, redid all of or contracts and the process which we do things. After 30 years the comapny, organizationally, was in shambles. We are doing much better now thanks to me. And the owner, whom I work directly with, sees that luckily.

I also helped him launch a new contracting sister company. It was something neither of us had a background in, but we have found a niche market and two years later are THE go to company in our region. As we grow, my job has turned from one full time position, into basically two positions crammed into one. I am overwhelmed beyond belief and like most idiot bosses, he does many a thing that not only makes you feel underappreciated, but also fearful of your future role.

Continue reading “The Little Movies in my Head”