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Honey Wheat Bread Part 2

I’ve been a bad blogger. Bad blogger! Bad! Sorry for the delays. I’ve been busy, what can I say? But not too busy to totally forget that I wanted to make honey wheat bread again. I admit, this one came out more crumbly (and not in a good way) than the first. But it tasted … Continue reading

learn how to braid…bread, kinda.

I’ve recently become a fan of pinterest, a horribly, disgustingly, ridiculously addicting website. Just check it out and you’ll hate me instantly. You’re welcome. Aaand I managed to find yet another place to find inspiration. This time (and not surprisingly) in the form of food. So then I made this… …and just like it looks, … Continue reading

I made pizza and it was amazing.

I made pizza and it was amazing.

So as usual, I got a wild hair up my butt and decided to make something from scratch for dinner. This time, the new jar of tomato sauce I’d been wanting to try, the fresh onion, basil and mushrooms from the farmers market, and my recent adventures in bread land all came together and made … Continue reading

Honey…Wheat Bread. Or, Honey Wheat Bread.

After being (pretty much) successful at brioche bread, I decided I’d try my hand at wheat bread. But I like the honey wheat bread from the store. So then I decided to try making honey wheat bread. And awaaayyy I went : ) Let’s begin… Ingredients 1 (.25 ounce) package rapid rise yeast 1 teaspoon … Continue reading