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Some Quiz Just Explained Me to Me

Okay okay so you’re not supposed to take these things too seriously. But listen, this thing kinda freaked me out. I mean, it was really accurate. Try it for yourself: 100 Things Personality¬† Test Like horoscopes, sometimes these things have a way of being incredibly generic and yet convincing enough to make every person feel … Continue reading

A resolution I may try less hard to break

Is it too early to start talking about New Year Resolutions? Because eff it; I’m about to. Now, I normally don’t make resolutions since I know I will just break them. Most of the time they have to do with weight anyway, and we all know that weight-related resolutions go strong until about March, and … Continue reading

peanut butter and jelly

I ran today. It hurt like hell. But I did it. Funny thing that keeps happening when I run lately. Instead of that rush of adrenaline you’re supposed to get, I get extremely tired and sleepy. True, I’ve been trying to cut back on caffeine as well. But shouldn’t the effects of the run replace … Continue reading

Happiness and that OTHER feeling

How is it that I can feel such despair and get sucked into the vortex of loneliness and diminished self worth, and then feel just fine the next day? Lately, I’ve gone back and forth, like a game of double dutch – one foot down on one side, now one foot down on the other…..continue … Continue reading

The Little Movies in my Head

I’ve always been fascinated by dreams. Actually what I’ve always been fascinated with is their interpretations and how, regardless of where we come from, what our background is and what experiences we’ve had, many elements in our dreams can be interpreted the same. The brain and consciousness is an amazing thing. For the past week, … Continue reading

Out of Ideas – Happy New Year!

You would think with the vast amount of words that came pouring out of my fingers yesterday, that I would be all out of ideas today! (You know, part of it is that I type really fast and it’s fun to hear the little buttons go clickity click clickit, lol. Is that baaad? Because I’m … Continue reading