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Honey Wheat Bread Part 2

I’ve been a bad blogger. Bad blogger! Bad! Sorry for the delays. I’ve been busy, what can I say? But not too busy to totally forget that I wanted to make honey wheat bread again. I admit, this one came out more crumbly (and not in a good way) than the first. But it tasted … Continue reading

ooops sorry & perfect cookies.

I’ve been gone so long, that wordpress logged me out : ) Sorry I’ve been gone, kids. The new job has taken a bit of a toll, and even though I get every other Friday off, I’m exhausted. Well I’m still working at the wine bar on Saturday nights, just to help save more for … Continue reading

Honey…Wheat Bread. Or, Honey Wheat Bread.

After being (pretty much) successful at brioche bread, I decided I’d try my hand at wheat bread. But I like the honey wheat bread from the store. So then I decided to try making honey wheat bread. And awaaayyy I went : ) Let’s begin… Ingredients 1 (.25 ounce) package rapid rise yeast 1 teaspoon … Continue reading

Ignore This Post.

I have several draft posts set aside for myself, one of which I added just last night. Several are from this time last year, when I started  my blog. They have to do with my family and my childhood, and were largely my efforts to piece together what I know from the snippets, memoirs, white … Continue reading

My Buns…(the Brioche Ones)

So a couple of weeks ago, I tried my hand at brioche bread. I didn’t know that I had picked a recipe for “light” brioche until the baking was in process. So last week, I decided to try my hand at the upper crust kind – full of buttery goodness and all the guilt associated … Continue reading

upper crust brioche bread

I hand kneaded it, too! Ok we can’t get too excited. It’s resting overnight. Tomorrow, I’ll probably break it up into three small loaves. I didn’t take in between pictures, but I’ll make sure to take some when it’s baked tomorrow. I kneaded for over and hour while watching football with the hubs, with a … Continue reading

Orange You Glad I Had Extra Frosting?

First off, this post may SAY the 8th, but it’s really the 7th in real time, which means I have still blogged once a day! I just did yesterday’s early in the morning and am doing this later. Hmph! : ) Okay, now down to beeeezness. As you (my real and imaginary blog friends) know, … Continue reading