Clean Up Time

Today we got up about 9ish and without discussing it, began cleaning. We must have fed off each other because we started doing all the details and corners of the apartment, too. We had english muffins with cream cheese, tomatoes and lettuce, twice – once for breakfast  and once for lunch 🙂 They tasted good! … Continue reading Clean Up Time


Today the new hubs and I decided to hold a minimum one hour activity session together once a weekend (including Friday). This is in addition to the Wednesday date night that we started a few weeks back. We mainly started that because the thank you cards from our amazing wedding were looming over our heads, … Continue reading Commitment

2011 must

2011 must be better, as it most certainly cannot get any worse. And mine wasn’t even that bad considering what MANY have gone through. And I’m sorry to start off so negatively. Hah! I’m sorry for saying ‘I’m sorry’! I’ve been told I say that too much. And anyway, the whole point of this is … Continue reading 2011 must