Hi everyone. It’s me again, Laila. Remember me? Of course you do! Here I am! See? Right here. Where have I been? Well at work of course! But you’ve already been working kinda, (you say, with a shrug of your shoulder). Yes, yes well I have, but I went back and got a big girl job … Continue reading hi

jerkwad? or genius?

Okay, so maybe he’s not a jerkwad. (What the ef is a jerkwad anyway? Ewww don’t answer that. I think I know.) Whatever. Anyway, this post kinda made me feel like he may be a little jerky. I mean, anyone who talks about your bowel movements right off the bat has to be a little, … Continue reading jerkwad? or genius?

If I Can Help One Person with Eczema

If I can help just one person with eczema, then I would like to do just that.

You see, when mine first started, I had no idea what was happening. I was in my senior year of college, and working two part time jobs. I woke up one day with my eyes swollen shut and my face on fire. With no insurance, I went to the university’s clinic to see if they could help. They took me off my birth control bills, stating that sometimes girls were allergic to the blue dye. It didn’t work.

I would have to ice my face, just to take some of the sting out so that I could go to sleep. But the firey feeling would only wake me up 20-30 minutes later. This went on for almost a month. And every one of those mornings, I would get up with my eyes swollen shut and a firey face. Continue reading “If I Can Help One Person with Eczema”

About Motivation

Funny thing…I didn’t really mean to post my last post with the Walt Disney quote in it. But today, when I logged on, I noticed that it had been viewed 30 times! That’s more than 30 times my normal views! Hhaha. No but really, it is. I thought I put it on my WordPress app … Continue reading About Motivation