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Beautiful words alert!

This is awesome! I think we should make sentences using as many of these as possible. 117 Most beautiful words in the English language | Yorick Reintjens. Advertisements

DIY Necklace Display a la Pinterest

So now that I live in this georgeous detached studio loft space….I have no place to stuff all my crap.   Rather than continuing to try, I decided to do the opposite.   At our last place, I installed a towel rack on our bedroom wall, to hang my scarves onto. It was a functional, … Continue reading

ode to the 100-calorie pack

Upon starting a new job on december 19 I was given little to sink my teeth into As I must patiently wait  for holidays to end And the docketing of legislation to continue To stave off my boredom I read up on old laws The minute I walk through the door But as usual I … Continue reading

Fat Girl in a Zaftig Girl’s Body

Because I am what the title of this post says I am, I simply cannot stay away from doing another poem in honor of my lunch, despite how much I’ve tried over the last few days to come up with a post with more substance. You may have noticed that my posts have been lacking … Continue reading