DIY Necklace Display a la Pinterest

So now that I live in this georgeous detached studio loft space….I have no place to stuff all my crap.


Rather than continuing to try, I decided to do the opposite.


At our last place, I installed a towel rack on our bedroom wall, to hang my scarves onto. It was a functional, colorful piece of art.  And I figured this was not much different.


After paintaing the wood, screwing in the random knobs, and hanging it up, I decorated around it with little dishes filled with all the un-hangables, like rings and bracelets and watches.


And a few progress shots along the way…


The space, before.


The wood, before.


The wood, primed.


The wood, painted. Now? Leveling and measuring. And then leveling and measuring again. And then I may have done it one more time. Because a healthy dose of ocd is acceptable in this situation.



So I had a stud on the right side, and only needed to use the screw there. On the left side, I used both the screw and anchor.



When you’re DIY’ing while making breakfast, it’s important to note that your honey should be put on your toast FIRST, before your butter, cream cheese, or cottage cheese in this case. The honey gets warm and crispy and infiltrates the toast’s nooks and crannies. If you trust me on nothing else in this post, trust me on this.


Because I just like this picture of the drill bits lol.


I may have pushed too hard at the end. Ooops. It’s okay because the knobby knobs were going to cover it.


Hmmm should this go next to this one? Or how about I put this one here, and then that one goes there?


Here, I’m making the holes for the knobs. The screw poking out on the right is for the owl that needed to be screwed in from the back. The hole just to the left of that is one I will use to screw the whole piece into the wall.


Anchor? Set.


Starting to make a mess hehe : )


Hello, lovely.


Who, you

Et voila!


So convenient!

DSC_8409 The best part about this is, I actually had a lot more fun getting ready for an early drink on Sunday. I felt like I was shopping in my own personal store. Totally organized now, and this whole thing adds a whole lot more color to my space! Your turn now!


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