Some Quiz Just Explained Me to Me

Okay okay so you’re not supposed to take these things too seriously. But listen, this thing kinda freaked me out. I mean, it was really accurate. Try it for yourself:

100 Things Personality  Test

Like horoscopes, sometimes these things have a way of being incredibly generic and yet convincing enough to make every person feel like they’ve literally planted a psychologist into your brain, time travelled around your gray matters past and present, tapped into your inner self, then spit out “you” on a screen with beautiful scenery in the background where you can smell the freshness in the air and be infused with the sheer happiness of the blurry frolickers in the picture.

Well I don’t care.

Because anything that makes you re-perspectize (yes I just made that up) your troubles and encourage you to move onward and upward is a good thing, right?

Plus I think this may be based on the Five Factor Model of which I have no knowledge except whatever came to me just now in the form of a wordpress tag recommendation. Thanks WP!

It reinforced something that I already know. That I’m awesome.

Okayyyy maybe not in those exact words. But it gave me a run down of all the things I think I bring to the table but very rarely get reinforced (except by my wonderful hubby sometimes). And they were accurate. It also reinforced what I know as my bulging to-do list paralysis. I like to do things so thoroughly that when I don’t have enough time to do them right, I get frustrated and procrastinate. Allowing myself to indulge in some of my favorite things will apparently help me focus on the things that I’m dreading doing.

Now THAT’S my kind of advice. Find your own and please…do share those juicy tidbits.


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