i poemed about cheese

Have I made it clear how much I love cheese? If not, allow me this opportunity to make it perfectly clear.

I love that shit.

And like laila does, when she loves something, she poems about it. Yeah I just made poem into a verb. Here we go…

this guy knows what i’m talking about!










You bring me to my knees.
And combining stink and creaminess,
is when you most appease.

I love you upon breaking fast.
On lunch you definitely shall not be passed.
Although I try to keep you out of dinner.
For fear that I will never be thinner.

But in general I hate to leave you out.
You make everything better, without a doubt.
Like veggies that I’d like to avoid,
Seeing you nearby gets me overjoyed.
Screw the rules of no cheese with fish.
Those people are unnecessarily squeemish.
Cheese goes with everything,
and can be under them, above, or in between.

Sometimes I find myself near tears,
When I find that there is no cheese near.
Or when I order a burger to go,
And they forget to insert that golden pillow.

Why must you taste so good to me?
Why must you come in a million varieties?
It’s a dirty trick to be so nice.
And make me try all of them twice.
Yes twice because I have to ensure,
that I properly investigate that which allures.

I love you cheese, I really do.
I don’t care if your soft, hard or bleu.
If they ever try to take you away,
The taker-awayers will rue the day.

For I shall not be without.
I shall forever remain devout.
To you and all for which you stand.
Peace, harmony, and death to the bland.

Dude, this little girl looks craY. But maybe that’s what I look like when I’m eying a gilded grilled cheese.


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