ooops sorry & perfect cookies.

I’ve been gone so long, that wordpress logged me out : )

Sorry I’ve been gone, kids. The new job has taken a bit of a toll, and even though I get every other Friday off, I’m exhausted. Well I’m still working at the wine bar on Saturday nights, just to help save more for our trips this year.

But I’ve recently discovered pinterest, and thought I’d share some of the many wonderful things I’ve found. And just so you think I haven’t completely forgotten about you, I’ve managed to take pictures of some of the yummy things I’ve made over the last few weeks. Now if I can just find time to blog about them…

In the meantime, I found this to be a wonderful breakdown of the perfect chocolate chip cookie. This blogger actually shows an image and description of different cookies and why they failed. It’s genius, and must have taken a lot of work. It reminded me of when I was little and people used to come to my mom for advice on persian cooking. Back in the day, she was a cooking genius, and with a few details, could tell people exactly what they were doing wrong. Too bad she lost her mind. But I digress.

Read about the perfect cookie here, and check out their side by side. Thanks Ashley & Sierra!

Well it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say that the best chocolate chips I have found come from Trader Joes. Seriously, when are they going to start paying me for all these plugs? : )


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