Zipper. Please Stop Making Me Look Bad.

I guess as sort of a follow up to my post on how fat I feel as of late, I thought I’d let everyone know that my zipper keeps opening by itself when I sit down today.

I wore somewhat loose fitting clothes, as some of my coworkers decided yesterday that they will be taking me on a belated birthday lunch today. Fabulous! However, my clothes aren’t apparently as loose fitting as I thought (see sentence 2 of this post). I did at least wear something on top to keep from showing the belly bulge when I sit down. But I just realized that my damn zipper keeps unzipping itself. While it is a short zipper and not very strong in general, I find this to be a direct result of the immense pressure it is receiving from my protruding belly. Thank goodness my top covers the zipper, as I have been walking around pretty much all morning with what is essentially, “mah steez hanging out.”

Also, I just took a deep breath, and noticed it unzip itself the rest of the way.

Talk about teamwork. My belly and zipper make an awesome duo! Rad.


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