Cookie Monster? More Like Food Monster

Yep that’s me. The Food Monster. Color me blue and make me fuzzy. Okay, all you need to do is color me blue. I’m middle eastern after all. That means I’m already fuzzy. Oh hush middle eastern girls. We practically pay for our waxers’ retirements. Admit it furballs.

But I digress.

So I had a shift tonight, and in an effort to keep away from the delicious looking pizzas at work, I figured I’d have a solid dinner. For breakfast, I had granola and soy milk around 9ish. I held off on lunch so I could just combine it with dinner around 3. Hubby of course, doesn’t get home on most nights until 8 or 9.

Ooooo that kind of freedom is dangerous. You mean I get to go WHEREVER I want and if I throw the evidence out, he’ll never know?! To the BBQ rib place I go! Normally, if I had that damn on/off switch, I could go there and not eat until I’m ready to explode. But this is ME we’re talking about here.

So I ordered the pork ribs. It’s about 6-7 bones. No problem there. Just a little bit of meat. Fatty meat but pure protein nonetheless. The problem is that it comes with a huge serving of fries (which were still crisp and heavenly, even through the couple mile drive home), a large salad, and 2 pieces of garlic french bread, each about 6 inches long. That my friends, is a shit ton to put down your gullet. And yes, I ate every last bit of it.

I was sooooo effing full when I got to work, I felt disgusting. And around 1030-1100, with still an hour or so to go at work, I was starting to feel nauseous. That’s the weird thing these days. I actually feel sick when I overeat. That used to not happen. I guess that’s a good thing?

Although I overeat and don’t exercise, I think this serving job has actually helped me keep the weight off, versus sitting in an office all day, like I used to do. So surprisingly, even though I’ve had trouble getting under 144, I’ve hovered around 141 for the past week. I know what you’re thinking. That’s not huge. Yeah I know. I’m not crazy. But I’m only 5’4″. And see, the problem is that once you’ve been bigger (about 165-170 in high school and early college), you never really look tight unless you are obsessive about working out. Your skin just seems looser. Like I look at girls that are much larger than me, but they have skinnier arms than I do. What the ef?Also, I’m susceptible to stretch marks. And I have them bad.

I love my curves. Really, I do. But I wish I could just stop shoving massive amounts of food in my effing mouth sometimes! Curves are great but they can be dangerous too.


Help : (


2 thoughts on “Cookie Monster? More Like Food Monster

    • That may be entirely possible Joane! Have you ever heard of “supertasters?” I remember seeing a tv story on it once (but I can’t remember, was it 60 minutes, nightline, or??) Here is an article on it though in case you’re interested. I like to use it as an excuse with my hubby – a regular-taster!

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