upper crust brioche bread

I hand kneaded it, too!

Ok we can’t get too excited. It’s resting overnight. Tomorrow, I’ll probably break it up into three small loaves. I didn’t take in between pictures, but I’ll make sure to take some when it’s baked tomorrow.

I kneaded for over and hour while watching football with the hubs, with a jersey on underneath my new apron. it was actually really fun.

And before starting the brioche, I baked a no-sugar date and walnut cake. I adapted the recipe from several recipes that did have sugar or similar ingredients (like figs). After three tries, I got it just right. This is my fourth – the first time since I got the recipe just right. It may even be better than the first best. hah.

It’s moist and perfect. I’ll try to post the recipe and some pictures soon.


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