Yesterday & Today

Yesterday afternoon, I was in a coffee shop – a local place with lots of flair (read: old furniture, a little bit of sticky on the table, and interesting characters), that gives you the ability to spend $1 on a coffee while you plug away for the next six hours on whatever writing, reading, staring project you’re working on. I always wonder how these people make money. Obviously something is working for them. I’d rather like to know what it is, since this is almost kinda (but not reeeally) the kind of establishment I want to open. More on that later.

Anyway, I always forget about their open mic and last night was actually pretty fun. There were about 20 people signed up all together. I only saw the first five or so, but I must say, it was quite interesting. The first group (the “headliners”) were a small band of three, playing folksy music. There was also a couple of friends who just liked to jam on the guitar. She had written a song about her friendship with the man on the other guitar. It was cute. There was an electric guitar player that was very young, that turned an old classic rock song (the band is escaping me at the moment) into a bluesy rendition of his own. He was a little screetchy, but still, I liked that he was up there giving it his all. There was a young girl who rocked out on the piano. She was a little weird and maybe slightly snobby. I’m not sure if her snobbery was a reflection of the “hipster” movement that seems to be taking over the neighborhoods here. Ah hipsters. They are a special bunch; so caught up in trying to be different, that they all look the same. But more on that later perhaps. In the meantime, if you’re curious, I stumbled upon this perfect description by Renee Mitson, a blogger I recently found and whose most recent post on hipsters took the words right out of my mouth. Anyway, the girl had a beautiful voice and played piano very well.

It made me want to write music right then and there. It made me want to spend the large part of this morning playing my guitar and miraculously having something to sing by the end of the day. *sigh* It doesn’t work like that does it?

Then I snap back to reality and think, “no laila, you must focus on the business. This is no time to mess around.”

But is it not? I did give myself this week to be a little willy nilly about things. I’ve begun to focus on the business and feel pretty motivated. But am I not to have hobbies to enjoy as well?

Anyway, this morning I got a call for an interview on Monday. It’s a good organization and I know the executive director from both my government job, and my most recent job. In fact, I worked with him on several projects recently. But it’s for a grant writing position and that sounds fantastically boring. I guess it may be worth it if the salary is right. It’s GOT TO BE less stressful than the other jobs I’ve had. Plus, I could still focus on the business? And maybe strum a little guitar, too?

Decisions, decisions….


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