Mah goooodness – that felt good to get off my chest!

Okay, so that last post felt good pouring out of my fingers. It was like telling my best friend the start to finish of it. Just letting it all out there.

I feel better.

So today, I took the day off. Yeah, you heard me. I quit my job last week, and today, I took the day off. I took it off from job hunting and worrying about working in general. I think I deserved it after all this time. I had two interviews (okayyyy, both for part time positions) last week. But part time is what I want, and that’s pretty good for quitting in the same week.

Am I making excuses? Am I really just afraid to do any real research for this ‘thing’ – what ever ‘it’ is that I want to open? Perhaps. Maybe I’ll do some research right now at close to midnight. Right after this post. Yeah. RIGHT after this post.

Tomorrow? A work out, and a little bit of research. I can do that right?

I spent so much time making excuses for not doing what I want to do. Here I am now, with job abandoned and a couple of months to find something to replace my small salary. I will slowly, taking small bites, devour this dream that is to feed people. And maybe dress it up with a sprig of parsley while I’m at it.


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