The Little Movies in my Head

4 thoughts on “The Little Movies in my Head”

  1. Is this some weird New Year thing? I too have been having the most bizarre, lucid dreams lately, with all kinds of odd and convoluted plotlines. I have no clue where my brain (ahem) dreams this stuff up.

  2. Hmmm you might be on to something Ms Ruby. Maybe it was the Dream Elve’s new years resolution to infiltrate our heads with the weirdest movies we’ve ever seen. Those bastards! : )

    I think I’m dreaming for a reason. Actually I’m almost positive it’s because of this reason. But that’s another post entirely…

  3. I think that it’s Laila’s influence. I had a wowser of a dream the other night that my therapist and I dissected. And when is this post about why you’re dreaming coming? Or why you’re remembering your dreams? Or why you’re remembering these specific dreams?

    Dreams are clusters of emotions are subconscious is hanging on to…if we listen (and have some help) we might understand the message it wants us to hear…

    : ) I’ll help y’all if you help me, Miss Ruby and Lailita.

  4. I know we all supposedly dream multiple times each night, but isn’t it odd when, for whatever reason, you find yourself going through a phase of remembering the things so very clearly the next day? Especially when they involve the kind of, um, inventive plotlines that Hollywood scriptwriters get paid good money to come up with? I’ve had plenty of mornings where I’ve woken up feeling a bit cheated after dreaming about, say, clearing out my email inbox at work (seriously!), but the ones where my brain has come up with a whole story, complete with interesting locations and a whole cast of characters… mmm, I need to know what it is my subconscious is getting at with those ones, ‘cos they can sometimes be interesting. Although sometimes a bit disturbing as well! Very interesting if you can figure out why you’re dreaming what you’re dreaming, though… which gets me to my point: would love to read that blog post, so anytime you feel like writing it…! 🙂

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