Gimme some of that, hubs!

One thought on “Gimme some of that, hubs!”

  1. Anxiety is usually the reason people can’t sleep. You just can’t flip the switch from active brain to sleeping brain. Check your sleep hygiene…meaning, do you use your bedroom only to sleep and (ahem)? Do you have curtains that block out all light? Do you have anything that makes noise? Turn the clock away from you so you can’t see the time. Is your bedding comfortable? Is your bed comfortable? Do you have the same routine each night before you go to sleep and does it lend itself to restful sleep? There are lots of relaxation exercises (imagine all parts of your body feeling relaxed, one part at a time). I was an insomniac for years. I now take trazodone to sleep. I thank the pharmaceutical companies for that! Maybe you need a lovey 🙂 I know hubs is your lovey, but maybe you need a teddy bear. 🙂

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