That Borderline Freaks Me Out (In a Good Way)!

Funny. I started this blog in the first place because I felt that there was no one in my life that could relate to how I was feeling.

So, I promised myself I’d blog my heart out.

Little did I know, that while there may not be people in my life that could relate, there are people outside of my life that could! And perhaps even more surprising was that as I sit through my unbearable workday contemplating what I will be writing about in my next post, people like Ruby Red and Zephyr Living are taking the words right out my head and putting it on the proverbial wordpress paper!

Alright you two…but you gotta keep the mind-reading to a minimum, ok? THANKS! : )

I woke up this morning, finally somewhat rested after a disgusting Monday and Tuesday filled with a last-minute help-me-pack-up-my-house emergency for someone that was being evicted from their foreclosed home (more on that much later), to coming home to a very sick hubby with a head cold but also a lingering month-old pain in his belly that has me worried to high heaven.

But I woke up earlier than my alarm (not unusual) to make tea for the unwanted houseguests of my brain (houseguest 1: I hate my job and I’d rather squirt lemon juice in my eye repeatedly than to go in everyday….and houseguest 2: But I don’t know what the hell I want to do with myself and I’m getting older and, and, AND!) who invite themselves in, usually unannounced and stay put to the point of their host’s hyperventilation, until I get to work and replace them with boring thoughts of contracts and new bids and dealing with my idiot boss.

But somewhere in between, I read a blog posting from my two new friends, and it makes me feel better . I’m grateful….and borderline freaked out (but in a good way) : )


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