Luscious Oreo Cookie Truffles

Never been a big fan of truffles – they’re a little too much for me. But for the holidays, I’m always looking for a new goodie that people can’t get in the stores. This one was a HUGE hit!

So here’s the recipe posted on my recipe box: Oreo Cookie Truffles. The image on there is mine, although I think I need to get better at taking pics of FINISHED products, not just on the pan. Duh!

Oh! And although this is tagged as “baked goodies,” it is actually a no-bake recipe. Genius!

While I’m on the subject of, I’d like to elaborate a wee bit, (GASP! Laila? Elaborate? You’re kidding!) : )

I know I’ve said this before…but I really truly love this website. I love to use it as inspiration, but the best part is the reviews. I am a review junky and look for reviews anytime I can find them, for anything, restaurants, products I want to buy, and recipes. This website allows users to review and recipe and add their own recommendations or make clarifications. It’s awesome. Perhaps their best feature though, is their Ingredient Search. This tool has been so helpful. You just list the things that you have on hand or are craving, and boom, more than likely you get several options to choose from. And you can even put ingredients that you DON’T want! Love it!



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