Juicy Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Last night, we opted to stay home (the hubs isn’t feeling to well and I am just getting over something) and as usual, I up and decided to make a semi-complicated dish because I had the time and the gumption.

So, I tried my first roast chicken. I was originally going to try the apricot-glazed cornish game hen recipe on AllRecipes,com. But when I went to the store, they didn’t have any munchkin chickens, so I opted for a regular size whole chicken. As is standard procedure for me, I ended up using one recipe as inspiration, then looking up several other roasted chicken recipes to find average temperatures and techniques, ultimately creating my own set of steps. I love doing that (not that I do it on purpose, I usually can’t help myself, even when I promise from the onset that I’ll use the recipe to a T)!

So here it is: laila’s Juicy Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

It. Came. Out. Incredible! The breast was so incredibly moist and I absolutely could not get enough of the veggies. Although….I didn’t consider the empty spaces in the rack and ended up cutting my veggies smaller than I should have, so they rested at the  bottom of the pan instead of next to the chicken. I also used less broth than I’m putting in my recipe, because well, intuitively, I think the way I wrote the recipe down AFTER the fact will work just fine.

Also, I used butter I have a lot on hand from holiday baking. But next time I think I’ll look for lower-calorie alternatives.

For now, I’ve posted it on the AllRecipes.com website. I’ll link to some of the other recipes I’ve posted there soon.

And of course! Halfway through the meal, I realized I forgot to take pictures 😦 I was so sad! I try to take pictures all the time, but seem to only remember when I bake something. Oh well…guess I’ll have to do it again soon!


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