Oh Crap on Toast!

I had this borderline retarded bookkeeper last year, and despite her many flaws (lying on her resume about how well she knew quickbooks, making many a stupid common sense mistake that cost us hundreds, etc etc), she did leave us with a few gems – phrases like “oh….crap on toast!” when something went wrong is … Continue reading Oh Crap on Toast!

admit it.

Okay, okay. I will admit it because this is anonymous and exactly the reason I started this blog in the first place – to admit things that I couldn’t even admit to myself. Remember that persian girl that I was lucky to meet when I was younger? Well, the poor thing went through a serious … Continue reading admit it.

thoughts on stupid math and its mathy mathness, among other things

I used to love math. But I always got lucky and had really great teachers. I think for the non-genius, math can only be learned with a good teacher. It’s so very important. In college, stats is mandatory for practically any major. In my college, they overbooked the classes each year, and if you don’t … Continue reading thoughts on stupid math and its mathy mathness, among other things

Ted’s got a point…

I’ve included TED on my blogroll because it’s an interesting place to go on the net when I’m looking to zone out. During a recent zone out, I stumbled upon this short video. I am disappointingly ignorant about Islam. True, I am an agnostic Muslim (a phrase similar to what I heard in this video … Continue reading Ted’s got a point…