Out of Ideas – Happy New Year!

You would think with the vast amount of words that came pouring out of my fingers yesterday, that I would be all out of ideas today!

(You know, part of it is that I type really fast and it’s fun to hear the little buttons go clickity click clickit, lol. Is that baaad? Because I’m serious! lol)

Well, another day at home but the hubby is here so I probably will be on the computer a lot less today. Plus he doesn’t really know about the blog. Although I’m sure he suspects something. It’s not like I hide it from him or anything, but I know he wouldn’t be surprised to find that I have stumbled upon some sort of outlet for myself. As a matter of fact, he’d probably appreciate it! (More ranting and raving at the computer…less ranting and raving at him!)

Okay…..so I’m at the point of reflection. Ready? Here goes…

2010 was….well…it was 2010. But put all the financial issues aside, and we’re left with one thing….ourselves. And as much as they try, money and possessions can’t change who we are deep down inside. Yes there are goals that we all must set to get us that raise, get us that reliable car that our family needs us to have, and get us those tools and gadgets that we think will help us become more efficient, but in the end, it’s what we choose to do with our ourselves, our minds and our hearts.

Because ho we treat ourselves, will ultimately decide how far we get in life, right? If I dedicate myself to making my brain and body healthier, then won’t I go after the things that I want to do with more gumption?

Here’s hoping!

I wish you all (everyone! not just the few eyes that read this) a wonderful 2011, with love for yourself enough to do everything that you’ve wanted to accomplish, but never allow yourself to tackle….


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