the Campaign for Common Courtesy

I’m going to start this post by apologizing (something that the hubs says I do toooo much of) for potentially having blogposteritis today. I have been home sick for several days and I can’t access my work computer remotely for some reason, and of course, the IT guy is out this week.

So…I blog. And blog. Aaaand blog, apparently.

Anyway, this 15-minute’s blog is about common courtesy. A few years ago I thought about starting the “Campaign for Common Courtesy” or C3. I didn’t do it because a)I’m always too embrassed to get things like this rolling by discussing it with the many friends whom I’ve pushed away over the years, b) I belong to an amazing professional group called C3 and I wasn’t sure if that minuscule thing would be ok but really I was probably just creating an obstacle and 3) I’m just effing lazy if you haven’t learned that by now.

So because of all the reasons above, I’ll just get it all off my chest here.

(Straightening tie and clearing throat…)

It seems that we have all but forgotten common courtesy these days, and seeing how kids are raised now, I fear that it will only get worse. Here are some simple examples (divided up into simple categories) of what I have seen that absolutely shock me and make me sad at the same time:


  • Not holding the door open for elderly people or new mom’s carrying or pushing a load
  • Being rude to servers at a restaurant for reasons clearly outside of thier control (or any service-provider for that matter)


  • Deliberately speeding up, even in trafficky conditions because you simply cannot BEAR THE IDEA of we driving in front of you or you losing 10 feet of space on the freeway where you’re not going to get much farther anyway…
  • Wanting to speed down a street so putting everyone in danger and speeding up like a jerk to go around me, even though there are cars in front of me and you’ll get stopped at the light. (It’s called “speeding up to slow down.” It’s also called “you’re an idiot.”)
  • Denting my car and not even leaving an effing note (you don’t have to identify yourself but a simple “sorry” would do. Fine – live with the guilt forEVER! Moooohahaha!)
  • Parking like a jerk in a busy area (school, mall, work parking structure) because it’s all about you. (In college, the hubs [no we were only dating then] made “asshole stickers” that literally had a picture of an asshole, with a big yellow arrow pointing to it and block letters at the bottom that said “Thanks for parking like an asshole.” We couldn’t help it. I had just bought my first [used] car ever and my first semester of school, it was dented in THREE places. And wanting to park carefully in the middle of a spot was impossible because everyone was, you guessed it, parked like an asshole!)

(haha can you tell I am really um…”passionate” about these?)


  • In an office or otherwise related setting, not putting things back where they belong so although the whole office shares it, we always have to look for it and find it on your effing desk.
  • Not changing the toilet paper or even telling the office staff about it so they can do it if you’re in a hurry – which you’re not
  • Not washing your hands and making a show of it (that one is to my disgusting sexist boss whom we have to hide boxes of candy from before everyone gets their share because he is so effing gross)


  • Not picking up dog poop and even leaving it right in the path of travel going in and out of the apartment complex (this is quite possibly my #1 pet [no pun intended] peeve EVER, in general. It is soooo selfish and irresponsible of dog owners.
  • While we’re talking pets, going to an enclosed leash-free dog park within a regular human park and letting your dog go leash-free OUTSIDE of the enclosed area. (I’ve been attacked by a dog before. So I hyperventilate when I see a dog running towards me with no leash. For goodness sakes, you see the entire acre they set aside out of this 1.5 acre park for your stupid, slobbering mutt?! Use it you selfish prick! And when you’re done, make sure you pick up your dog poop!)

Ahhh, there. That feels better 🙂 This is by no means a complete list. And no, I don’t hate dogs. And yes, I am guilty of committing or coming close to committing or thinking about committing some of these myself. We’re human, we get busy and thoughtless.

BUT I think that if we made a conscious effort, or if we wore a button, or a sticker, or carried a C3 card in our wallets, perhaps we’d ALL be a little more conscious of these (and other) things and be a little nicer?

If nothing else….can we at least remember our please and thank you’s? Oh…and an “excuse me” now and then would be appreciated. Just saying!

Thank you 🙂


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