Christmas 2010


I didn’t take pics of the final goodies boxes I sent off this year, but here’s a pic of my first test batch ….. Oreo Cookie Truffles! Yes….that’s what I said. And they were FANTASTIC!


I ran out of steam, but I was hoping to make homemade tea bag blends. Turns out, I have a bunch of tea makings for myself 🙂 Next year, I’ll figure out a less labor intensive way to get tea out with the goodies as well. For now, this is my favorite blend so far. I call it the “Rosey Dame” as it has 2 parts white tea, 1 part red rose petals and 1 part damiana. Yum Yum!


For dessert after a fabulous Christmas Eve dinner that my sister made, I baked soft snowman sugar cookies (all the cookie cutters were sold out at the shops around me, so I made different sized balls and stuck them together – leaving me with snowman “families” of varying shapes and sizes!)


Instead of decorating them in advance, I made homemade cream cheese frosting, and brought out different colored icing gels and sprinkles, so we could have a more “interactive” Xmas Eve dessert! It was fun! Here’s the sis making her first snowman!


And here’s the bug that she decided to make afterwards! (Sorry the picture isn’t very good!)



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