Today the new hubs and I decided to hold a minimum one hour activity session together once a weekend (including Friday).

This is in addition to the Wednesday date night that we started a few weeks back. We mainly started that because the thank you cards from our amazing wedding were looming over our heads, inching dangerously close to six months. So we took cards, envelopes and our address list and headed to a local cafe after work each Wednesday for a light dinner, a warm drink, giggles and thank-you writing. It was fun! We spent the next couple Wednesdays shopping for the holidays. And last night, we finished wrapping and baking.

We’ve enjoyed it so much in fact, that tonight I suggested applying it to something more active together. It can be walking, running, stretching (we’re both so horrendously stiff), or whatever!

I’m excited! We have both expressed how positive we feel about starting a new year, and have made an effort to make more time for each other.

Isn’t it unbelievably easy to get stuck in a rut? You wake up, you go to work, you come home, you make dinner, you clean, you eat, you get an hour or two to rest then go to sleep and start all over. Weekends roll around and you’re so behind in just life that you spend all weekend running errands and never feel quite rested.

At least that’s how we feel!

Like I said…I’m excited 🙂


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