Posted in December 2010

Out of Ideas – Happy New Year!

You would think with the vast amount of words that came pouring out of my fingers yesterday, that I would be all out of ideas today! (You know, part of it is that I type really fast and it’s fun to hear the little buttons go clickity click clickit, lol. Is that baaad? Because I’m … Continue reading

the Campaign for Common Courtesy

I’m going to start this post by apologizing (something that the hubs says I do toooo much of) for potentially having blogposteritis today. I have been home sick for several days and I can’t access my work computer remotely for some reason, and of course, the IT guy is out this week. So…I blog. And … Continue reading


This is oh-so-coooool! Although I’ve only had tiny, tiny little slivers of wanting to write my own novel, so I will not be taking part (this year!), I still think this is absolutely fabulous. I kept seeing “nanowrimo” around and wondering…wtf? But I read about it on NANOWRIMO page and I think it’s fabulous. AND … Continue reading

aaand ANOTHER thing!

I WILL take the gosh darn GMAT this year! Yes I will. So…I just posted a listing locally to get some other slackers people involved so I can stay motivated. I think it will help to get me past the stumbling blocks, too.   HMPH!

Life…Which Way, Huh?

I find that with most things I aspire to do, I lose steam rather quickly. That could have something to do with what my old therapist told me about being overwhelmed into paralysis. As much as I’d like to take that as an excuse (because I wasn’t unfortunately with her long enough to learn how … Continue reading

Christmas 2010

I didn’t take pics of the final goodies boxes I sent off this year, but here’s a pic of my first test batch ….. Oreo Cookie Truffles! Yes….that’s what I said. And they were FANTASTIC! I ran out of steam, but I was hoping to make homemade tea bag blends. Turns out, I have a … Continue reading

Halloween 2010

Spidery 7-Layer Dip, Sugar Cookie Witch Fingers & Litter Box Cake! Never really had a cat but judging from people’s faces, I’m guessing that the litter box looked pretty authentic 🙂


My brother-in-law (BIL) is in town. The hubs is at work and I’ve been sick since Sunday so I’m working from home. So we’ve had a chance to talk about this and that. Keep in mind that the guy is borderline neurotic. He has many an issue, socially and otherwise that make you feel like … Continue reading